We were tasked by the Rituals team to educate readers about the brand’s philosophy of inspiring people to slow down and take a step back from their busy lives. Secondary to this was increasing brand awareness in the UK. 

What we did

Drawing on the concept of a Restival, we devised a campaign plan around an exclusive event held in London’s peaceful One Belgravia with massages, meditation and other carefully curated experiences.

Launching with an advertorial on Stylist.co.uk, the campaign ran across multiple platforms with email placements to drive users to the online content.

A series of advertorials were used to showcase information on the event, the different sessions, the talent (including yoga instructor Annie Clarke, Jasmine Hemsley and life coach Nicky Clinch) plus a link to the EventBrite page. In addition, social posts were sharded on Facebook and Instagram during the campaign, driving traffic to the event page and the shower foam giveaway offer. 

What we achieved

Over the course of one day, we ran six sessions and hosted 150 guests at One Belgravia. The Emerald Street partnership email produced an amazing CTR of 11.9%, well above our benchmark of 3-5%. The promotional slot generated a CTR of 1.07%, again above our target of 0.7-1%. This included an advertorial in Stylist to further promote the campaign.

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