Philips Lumea


Philips were looking to shift the perception of the product from emotional to functional and technological and to use a creative partnership to drive awareness and education about the Lumea and the benefits it can bring to women’s lives. The challenge being: how do you talk about the science and technology behind a hair-removal device in an engaging and glamorous way?

What we did

The concept involved real women trialling the Lumea Infinity and giving their week-by-week reviews of how the Lumea became a staple in their beauty routine. Using bespoke editorial-style content, Stylist partnered with Philips to create a cross-platform campaign to reach out to our large, affluent, urban audience. We focused on illustrating to readers two simple things: how the device works and how having one would improve their lives.

What we achieved 

The partnership contributed towards a significant uplift in Lumea unit sales as well as increasing product awareness and brand positivity.

The incredible success of our collaboration led to Philips bringing back the campaign the following year, allowing us to continue the narrative so that the women who had trialled the devices the first time round could demonstrate why it was such a good investment and recommended it to a friend.  

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