Meantime Brewing Company challenged us to increase take-up of their beer from pub landlords, as well as raise awareness and drive sales to consumers.

What we did

Drawing on our readership’s appreciation for the best food and drink and utilising an existing popular ShortList franchise, we conceived a search for the best new craft or gastropub in the UK. Called ‘Meantime’s Pints & Pistachios’, the campaign ran for eight weeks and involved over 100 pubs shortlisted for the awards. As an editorially-led campaign, social media was used to drive users to vote and to encourage the pubs to get involved and PR themselves to their customers, ending in an awards ceremony in their Greenwich-based brewery, which got landlords to try the beer alongside the competition winner.

What we achieved

As our audience are predominantly socialites who love all things beer-related, this partnership was a perfect match for Meantime’s expert knowledge of craft beer. The campaign was a huge success, achieving a reach of over 6,700,000 over the eight-week promotion, with a huge amount of readers keen to engage by voting. Meantime were so delighted with the results of the campaign that we renewed the partnership for three years.

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