Magnum tasked us with bringing to life the Magnum ‘daring’ attitude, helping them towards being able to reposition Magnum as more of a lifestyle brand. 

What we did

We created the ‘Be More Daring’ campaign which brought to life the embodiment of Magnum’s daring attitude using the theme of fashion. This was a crossplatform campaign running through July and August. It also included a week-long tenancy at the Magnum House of Daring featuring a variety of branded events and sold-out talks.

A series of print and online advertorials ran and included interviews with Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott, shoe designer Camilla Elphick and the creators of Tatty Devine, who also appeared at one of the events. Another key component was the competition, which ran across all channels with 15,730 entries.

What we achieved

All KPIs for the online campaign were met and we surpassed our unique user target by over 18,000 users. The average dwell time on the advertorial pages was 2.01 (our benchmark is 1.30), which highlights how engaging the content was. Nearly four million impressions were served on social media, with 23,863 clicks produced and 7,058 engagements generated. Overall, this campaign was fantastically successful at communicating our ‘Be More Daring’ message to Magnum’s target audience. 

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