Create  a television advertisement for retailer GAME to support its trade-in message where customers can trade in second-hand games, consoles and phones. 

What we did

We created our first ever television ad for GAME. The TV ad aired from 23 March on the C4 network, Dave and BT Sports and reached an estimated 33.2% of UK adults. The TV ad coincided with the launch of GAME’s upcoming comedy gaming programme Playing for Time, hosted by Rob Beckett, which aired on C4 on 30 March.

Recognising that the team at Shortlist Media understands the GAME brand and the gaming audience, it won the pitch despite competing against production companies and creative agencies.

What we achieved

“We wanted to create content that celebrated our specialist status, something that would resonate with the gamer, but also gave a cheeky nod to our sense of humour. ShortList share the same vision and audience as us which meant they instantly got where our heads were at with the message we wanted to land, plus they are great to work with. They are the number one men’s lifestyle brand and we are the number 1 specialist gaming retailer – if we were on tinder we would be the perfect match!” 

Natalie Amosu, Chief Marketing Officer, GAME