Clarins wanted us to work with the theme of self-improvement and needed a full 12 months of engagement. This was a challenging brief – we needed to take an established beauty brand out of its niche as a straightforward utility and develop a deeper, more emotional connection between Clarins and our readers.

What we did 

We created a new franchise that could stretch across the magazine, the website and social channels: The Year Of You. It was a perfect title – with so many demands on our readers from work, partners and their extended families the idea of making regular appointments for themselves had huge appeal. These were anything from setting aside time for holiday planning to adjusting work/life balance and seeing more of friends. They ran across all Stylist platforms, with the bulk on This was one of our first truly native partnerships that allowed Clarins to exist seamlessly within relevant and engaging editorial.

What we achieved

By successfully linking the brand to the current self-improvement trend and focusing on inspiring, empowering content, pitched at just the right level – neither patronising nor alienating – we achieved one of our highest-rating pieces of integrated partnership content.

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