Winner: Best Digital Commercial Partnership, PPA Digital Awards 2018

Family is the content agency for the Met Set, our metropolitan audience of liberal urban elites, and arguably the most influential demographic in Britain today. Acuvue enlisted the help of Family to inspire customers to actively ask for Acuvue lenses when visiting opticians.


Family were tasked with driving awareness and relevance for Acuvue’s OASYS-1-Day, making the product synonymous with the target audience’s lifestyle. We aimed to build association between brand, product and fun things to do around London by creating a campaign that delivers on emotional needs/ triggers of wearing contact lenses. 

What we did

The concept for the campaign was masterminded by Family who understood that, for those who must wear glasses, there are many frustrating times. Activities like yoga, snorkelling and even sex are often marred – or even prohibited – by this tool that ordinarily gives clarity.

Tapping into the truths that this target audience find especially pertinent, this campaign put Acuvue front of mind through a mix of curated content, UGC and an exclusive competition prize.

In our signature humorous yet informative tone, our in-house video team cast comedian and writer Stevie Martin as the star of the campaign video which proved hugely successful on social receiving over 2 million views (duration: one month - May 2018).

What we achieved

Viewers that watched to 25% of the videos, continued to watch to 95%. By producing a video that appears native with subtle ad messaging we saw a high engagement rate, with viewers sharing the video on their own social channels.

Our digital content piece, 6 struggles you only know if you wear glasses, outperformed KPI’s at 141% and users spent 45 seconds on average on the page proving that the content clearly resonated and entertained the target audience.

Educating this segment on the key differences they could experience should they choose to swap their glasses for lenses, we featured a longform piece in print magazine Stylist titled How contact lenses changed my life, using Stevie Martin as author to ensure cohesive messaging across channels.

The online competition received an unprecedented number of entries. Users were required to post a photo of their glasses struggles, on Instagram or on the article on Proving that the content resonated deeply, we saw active engagement with competition entries exceeding KPI’s at 480%.